Perinatal Center

In our Perinatal Center Level 1, we care for premature babies from a gestational age of 23/0 weeks. We treat and care for your sick premature and newborn baby TOGETHER with you from the beginning in a multi-professional team. Our team consists of doctors, nurses, breastfeeding counselors, psychosocial counselors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and colleagues from other departments (gynecology, ophthalmology, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, orthopedics, etc.).

Your child will be placed with us in one of our three neonatal units:

  • Neonatology 1 - Neonatological intensive care unit (OA Dr. Böttger)
  • Neonatology 2 - Neonatological follow-up ward with possibility of non-invasive respiratory therapy (OÄ Dr. Kirst)
  • Neonatology 3/K5 - Postnatal care and infant ward with the possibility of joint accommodation of the child and one parent (OÄ Dr. Kirst)

If necessary, after the inpatient stay, the patient is transferred to qualified follow-up care for premature infants.

It is a matter close to our hearts to strengthen you in your parenting skills and to promote the relationship with your child. Through our interdisciplinary concept, we accompany, advise and treat you and your child even before birth, e.g. in case of known malformations or difficulties during pregnancy.

Due to the collegial cooperation with the surgical departments, we are able to perform necessary operations in-house at any time. A transport team can pick up your child from another hospital, but can also accompany him or her to a designated center for specialized therapies - such as for special congenital heart defects.

Through specially initiated studies and regular participation in multi-center studies, we ensure the implementation of the current state of science on our wards, without losing sight of the necessary individual approach and empathy for your child.

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